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Right method of mold removal in carpet after a flood

Posted by Abbey on 4/18/2017
Getting mold out of carpet can be very difficult, so even if you try to clean it you may not be able to get the mold out. It's also important to take steps to prevent mold from growing if you do not want to continually have a problem with basement mold.

There are many products on the market that are designed to kill mold. You can use these products on the walls and floors of the basement that show signs of mold growth. It may also be a good idea to clean areas that do not show signs of mold growth because mold is typically microscopic when it first starts spreading. Keep in mind that you need to thoroughly clean all areas, because if you leave even a tiny bit of mold it will probably spread and you will still have basement mold in the home. If you have insulation in the basement that contains mold, you will most likely have to tear it out and replace it with new insulation.

When you are in the process of removing basement mold, you'll want to check not only the walls and floors, but also the items in the basement for mold growth. You should try to clean the mold off of anything you want to keep that you intend to store in the basement; otherwise the problem will most likely return. If the basement has carpet, you can purchase an anti-fungal carpet cleaning solution to use in a steam cleaner. This is not guaranteed to work because mold is very hard to remove from carpets completely. If you want to be sure that the basement mold problem is gone for good, you might have to replace the carpet.

Humidity is one of the main reasons that basement mold is a problem for so many people. Basements are typically damp and warm, which creates the perfect environment for mold growth. Regular use of a dehumidifier in the basement might help to keep mold at bay, particularly on days when it is unusually rainy and warm. It might also be a good idea to improve the basement ventilation because good air circulation can prevent the growth of mold. Basements that have leaks are also much more likely to develop mold, so you should stay on the lookout for leaks and patch them up as soon as you notice them.

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